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metal tube bending

Metal spinning, tube bending and laser cutting in Buntingford

Established in 1953, Ball Spinning Co.Ltd provides a wide range of metalwork services.

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Experience counts

Ball Spinning Co.Ltd is now in its third family generation, providing the metalwork services that we are known for and which have garnered us our excellent reputation. Based in Buntingford, we work all across the surrounding areas as well as the wider areas of the UK, working with clients from many different industries. We can create any piece of cylindrical metal you want, specialising in metal spinning, tube bending and laser cutting. 


We have a  fully equipped workshop, and can work with a wide range of metals, the common factor being our attention to detail and quality of work. We charge very competitive prices for our work, so if you are looking for an experienced company to undertake some metalwork for you, just give our engineers a call.


Work done a wide range of industries, providing many different services: 


  • Aerospace

  • Architectural 

  • Clock makers 

  • Finials 

  • Funnels 

  • Hemispheres 

  • Lighting components 

  • Motor industries 

  • Re-enactment societies 

  • Restoration work for English Heritage, National Trust and Historic Royal Palaces 

  • Parts for classic cars, bikes and planes 

  • Sheet metal fabricators 

  • Shower roses 

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Laser cutting

Ball Spinning Co.Ltd can provide laser cutting services using:

  • Mild steel up to 15mm thick

  • Stainless steel up to 6mm thick

  • Aluminum up to 5mm thick

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Metal spinning

Using sheet metal we can create any cylindrical piece exactly to your shape and size requirements. The maximum diameter we can spin is 1200mm.
Our full attention goes into each project we undertake. We can process ‘one-off’ components or batches of any size. We have the facilities to spin, copper, brass, aluminium, stainless and mild steel.

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Tube bending

  • Mandrel Tube bending up to 80mm diameter x 3mm wall thickness

  • Multiple bends on one length up to 3m long

  • + 1D 90 degree elbows

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To get a competitive quote from Ball Spinning Co.Ltd in Buntingford, in the first instance, please head to our contact page and complete our contact form.

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